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NG has over 10 years experience dealing with contract law, in particular commercial contracts, rental leases, tenancy and corporate contracts, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, supply contracts, contracts for services, finance contracts, construction contracts, and partnership contracts.

Throughout the process of litigation, NG pays close attention to every detail to provide prudent advice and a realistic assessments of the rights and obligations of my clients. With this in mind, my goal is to achieve your desired outcome and satisfy your demands.

What is a Contract
A contract is “an agreement (oral or written) between two or more persons or legal entities (such as a company or firm) which creates an obligation to do, or not do a particular thing”. Further, if you have ever signed a lease to rent a place to live or worked for an employer, or purchased a vehicle or a home or rent an instrument to be used, you have automatically entered into a legal obligation which is legally referred to as a contract.

What is a Breach of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when one of the parties who entered (orally or written) into the contract and fails to do or perform the duties required under the agreement. Contracts are subject to contract law and must be in accordance with Canadian Law, the wronged party (company or person (s)) has the right to seek some sort of compensation.

In most cases, the compensation comes in a form of monetary damages. A fundamental element of compensation is that the amount of money payable to the innocent party would reflect the amount required to put the wronged party in the same situation as if the breach never occurred.